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Romantic comedy (1st person)

Sci-fi/Fantasy (M, 2F)

Self-help – making friends

Horror (1st person)

Retirement home (M/F 80+)

Romance (nighttime radio host F)

Humorous cozy mystery (assorted teachers)

Children’s book w/ animal voices

What You Get

  • Down-to-earth, face-to-face style
  • Excellent comic timing
  • Spot-on emotional vitality
  • Smooth, clean articulation
  • Lower register that can be sultry, scary, or snarky
  • Higher register that can be friendly, sweet, or upbeat
  • Expressive mid-range narration that spans 20s-40s
  • Character voices of all ages (and species)
  • Passion, professionalism, and reliability
  • A good dose of imagination

About Me

From a young age, I’ve been a character actor who wanted to play ALL the things! When I discovered book narration, I felt like I’d hit the jackpot. My happiest hours are spent behind the mic, inside a book, becoming everyone that makes up the world of the book.

I’m a queer, Jewish, East Coast native, with a flexible voice and a soft spot for tough women. My passionate energy can animate dialogue, heighten comedy, drive compelling narrative, convey gravitas, evoke fear and suspense, and really let loose the crazy when called for.

You can usually find me reading on the sofa, covered in cats and drinking pu-erh tea.


I thought she did a fantastic job. Besides the fact that she was able to create different voices like mentioned above, her voice modulation was spot on. You knew exactly how each character was feeling at any given time.
Liezel, liezelsbookblog.net
I just want to curl up in the audiobook and wrap it around me like a blanket of yummy. AJ Ferraro’s narration was awesome. She transported me away and into Radclyffe’s all-consuming story.
Sheena, TheLesbianReview.com
You did an amazing job reading “Take My Hand” and I just wanted to say thank you. That book has a lot of subtle humor, and you did a great job capturing it.
Missouri Vaun, Author of Take My Hand, published by Bold Strokes Books
AJ Ferraro did a fabulous job of capturing both Ellis and Charlotte. She also did a great job of differentiating all of the characters, including the men. This is the second book I’ve listened to with her as a narrator and I’d happily listen to more.
April Adams, TheLesbianReview.com
I’m a pretty big fan of AJ Ferraro’s narration.
Tara Scott, TheLesbianReview.com
The emotion in your piece was dripping out of my earbuds, really nice work.
Anonymous Judge, Evil Idol 2019 Horror Competition

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